Advent Lutheran Church of Anoka


Pastor’s Ponderings:

God wills that we have life. That means we are thinking, praying, worshipping, moving, doing in accordance with His will. God does not like to see us in a state of paralysis. Remember that fun healing story where friends lower a paralytic man down through a hole in the roof, since the house is too crowded to enter through the door. Perhaps you remember making a little paper version of the house in Sunday School, with a little paper gurney that you lowered into the house with strings tied to each corner of the gurney.   It’s easy to get lost in the task of making the house and the gurney, thus missing the whole point of Jesus healing the man due to the his faith and the faith of his friends.   A similar story has Jesus healing the paralytic man who lays by the pool of Bethsaida, waiting for the healing waters to stir.

I firmly believe there won’t be any crutches or wheelchairs in heaven. God created and will re-create us with bodies that move. We find ourselves presently in a state of paralysis thanks to a pandemic and a time of transition coming shortly. The pandemic shut down much of our ministry, both within the congregation and in our outreach to the community. The unknowns of what comes next for Advent also tend to hold us back from doing, planning, moving forward. For example, we are currently without a secretary. You have me to thank or blame for any clerical errors in bulletins or newsletters. I never applied for the job of church secretary, but the council hesitates to hire one until the future of the congregation is settled.

However, and it’s a big however, Advent continues to do ministry. Melodee and Dianne  served meals at Hope for Youth through much of the pandemic. Our quilting group resumed their ministry last spring. Stepping Stone Emergency Housing faced a time of crisis and we were able to send a generous gift to help them. Our text study group has expanded to its largest size ever—eleven souls. Our prayer chain has been active supporting people in times of illness, struggle, or grief. And we have returned to in-person worship for about 30 people. We collected school supplies for Lincoln School once again to help teachers and families with items needed for the kid’s education. Advent is open for business. God is moving forward, and there’s no reason you can’t follow. Masks are optional but encouraged, and there’s room to spread out. We’d love to see you again.

These past couple years have challenged every congregation. Advent needs you now more than ever. Your prayers, your offerings, your input, your presence is much appreciated by Advent and by your Lord.      

Journeying in faith, Pastor Bob