Advent Lutheran Church of Anoka

Family Table Meal


Advent Lutheran along with other churches and organizations in our community offers a free meal once a month to anyone in the community who would like to partake.  We prepare and serve our Family Table Meal on the second Saturday of the month starting at 5:30 p.m.  The exception to this is in the month of November when we offer the meal on the first Saturday of the month. AT THIS TIME, WE ARE NOT HOSTING FAMILY TABLE MEALS. WE WILL REVISIT OUR DECISION WHEN COVID CASES HAVE DECREASED. GET YOUR VACINATION!


We are always in need of Advent members to come and volunteer to perpare the food, set up tables for our guests, serve the food and beverages and clean up the fellowship room after the meal.  This is a rewarding way to become involved, to get to know other members of our congregation and to contribute to the well being of individuals in our community.