Advent Lutheran Church of Anoka


Have you noticed all the dramatic weather events taking place?  Hurricanes, flooding rains, rising global temperatures, dying coral reefs, melting glaciers, growing deserts, and wildfires fill the daily news. Human beings are changing the planet, and not for the good.  Future generations may rightly blame us for our short-sightedness in the way we used and abused the resources of the earth.

This all stems from a spiritual problem.  What have we been searching for in our frantic over-consumption, our drive to own and control and subdue?  Picture the crowds on “B lack Friday.” Has the glut of items created for our convenience made us happy? No, they have not. They’ve made us envious and filled our days with endless striving.  I include in that the modern god of the cell phone. What is the appeal of these things that has people waiting in line for the latest expensive edition?

As humans become more and more turned in on themselves, wanting convenience, wanting to be pampered, we show ourselves to be spiritually bankrupt. We are lonely people who have cut ourselves off from our Creator and each other, yet desperately seek connection.  It’s just that we vainly try to fill the void with things that don’t meet our need.  As one song writer put it, “looking for love in all the wrong places.”

Part of the solution to our looming environmental crisis is a return to simplicity.  Put the phone down and talk to somebody face to face.  Notice the small blessings of each day. Take time for prayer. Fill the empty places of your life with people, with God, and with the beauty of the creation.  Many Americans who travel to ‘developing nations’ are surprised to see that the people there are happy.  They are content with daily bread, a roof over their head, and a community of warm, loving people.  Their worship services are joyous and uplifting. 

Think about that and ponder how you could also find joy? Instead of filling your ‘wish list’ with things, fill it with friends and loved ones, rich experiences, and faith in the God who loves you.


Pastor Bob




-Pastor Bob Linstrand